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Ciao Nicholasjf21!

Benvenuta/o su Wikivoyage in lingua italiana! Stiamo realizzando un'attendibile guida turistica mondiale libera e aggiornabile. Aiutaci anche tu! Se hai appena conosciuto Wikivoyage e non sai come funziona e in che modo puoi aiutarci, poni le tue domande nella Lounge, il punto d'incontro dei wikiviaggiatori, oppure consulta le nostre pagine di aiuto.

Potrai trovare risposte ai tuoi dubbi anche nelle pagine delle domande frequenti e dei consigli per i nuovi arrivati.

Ricordati soprattutto che è vietato copiare testi protetti da copyright. Il nostro obiettivo non è proporre contenuti copiati da altri siti, ma scrivere una nuova guida turistica di nostro pugno.

--Andyrom75 (discussioni) 10:29, 24 mar 2013 (CET)Rispondi[rispondi]

Voy Home page[modifica]

Hi Nicholasjf21,

your message in the lounge related to the homepage is more than welcome. I've taken a look on en:voy and I've seen that you have done great things there, so maybe we can try to replicate something here as well.

I've understood that Italian it's not one of your main skills ;-) so we'll take in charge the translations when needed.

The idea that we have discussed consist in copying the en:voy home but not totally because mainly two factors:

  1. currently we are a tiny community, so no one can take in charge scheduled tasks, this means that a portion should be static over the time
  2. we need also smaller areas for periodic update

If you have personal ideas, you would be more than welcome to share them with us. Anyway you can read our discussion (translate with google the lounge) where we have tought for example to merge en:voy & el:voy (old fr:voy) ... just to verify if it's nice to see it or it's a "fist in the eye" :-) Or maybe merging the en:voy with some smaller areas of current it:voy.

Feel free to use your sandbox to make experiments!

However, it could be a good starting point if you can list the involved template, policy, etc... with the new homepage and with the new TOC. In fact after the homepage I would import here the new TOC as well. --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 23:51, 5 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]

Thanks very much for your kind welcome! You're right - Italian is not my top skill!
The templates used by the EN Main Page are Mapbanner for the top map image and Banner for the other large images. The TOC is controlled by pagebanner, but we are having a few problems with it at the moment (it's not inhibiting the title as it should).
At present our only policy is that images for the Main Page should be at least 1800px wide and at a ratio of 3:1. The same applies for the TOC images, except at a ratio of 7:1.
We curently decide which images to use with a consensus-driven discussion (see here) that lets us decide which images to use. If you were only to change one image per month, perhaps that could be done through your lounge?
I'm more than happy to try and make you a mock-up of a potential front page. Once I've got something that looks good and better than a fist in the eye (!) I'll post a link in the lounge. :) In order to do this (I hope you don't mind!), I've created Template:Mapbanner and Template:Banner. If that is a problem, please feel free to delete them and we'll sort it out later. :)
Thanks again! --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 01:02, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Ooops! One more thing! The CSS classes used in the templates Template:Mapbanner and Template:Banner need to be copied to the site's 'common.css' in order for them to work. You can find them Would it be possible to do that? Thanks! --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 01:09, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Here they are:
Classes to add in Common.css
/* Mark's template version of the new main page */ .banner-image { position: relative; overflow: hidden; max-width: 1125px; height: auto; margin-bottom: .6em; } .banner-image img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: auto\9; } .banner-box { position: absolute; z-index: 2; margin-top: 2.5em; color: white; width: 50%; min-width: 20em; text-shadow: black 0.3em 0.3em 1em, black -0.1em -0.1em 1em; } .banner-box-wide { width: 80% } .banner-box-left { left: 5%; text-align: left; } .banner-box-right { right: 5%; text-align: right; } .banner-box-welcome { left: 1em; text-align: center; width: 40%; white-space: nowrap; } .banner-box a { color: white !important; font-weight: bold; } .banner-box .name { font-size: 3em; white-space: nowrap; line-height: 1.2em; } .banner-box .type { font-size: 2em; line-height: 1.2em; } .banner-box .stats { font-size: 1em; margin-top: 1.7em; } .banner-box .quote { font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.2em; } .banner-box .welcome a { font-size: 1.5em; } .banner-box .welcome { font-size: 2.1em; } .banner-box .nav-tip { font-size: 1.5em; margin-top: 1.5em; margin-bottom: 1.5em; } .banner-box .welcome-map-nav { font-size: 1.25em; } .banner-box ul { font-size: 1.25em; } .banner-box ul li { display: inline; } .banner-box ul li:before { content: " • "; } .banner-box ul li:nth-of-type(1):before { content: " "; } .bottom-boxes { background-color: #b0c4de; overflow: auto; padding: 0; max-width: 1125px; } .bottom-box-right { margin-left: 52%; z-index: -15; padding: 1em; } .bottom-box-left { float: left; width: 46%; border-right: 10px solid white; z-index: 4; padding: 1em; } .banner-image .bottom-boxes { max-width: 1125px; }
Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 01:11, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I've just imported Template:Pagebanner‎ (manual not translated yet) and some CSS to make it works. Please verify that I've imported everything, if some CSS are missing let me know and I'll add it. I've made also a test with the article of Tanzania.
I've just added the CSS that you need for Template:Mapbanner. I've noticed that from the bottom part of the en:common.css I haven't imported few classes. Please check them and let me know if we need them (I suspect that one is for Template:Banner)
Now I'll go to bed but I'll read your previous post tomorrow with more attention ;-) --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 01:19, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Thanks very much! I'll take a look now! Sleep well! :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 01:47, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I think you're right: we seem to be missing a few parts of the code for all of the templates (though the TOC is working well!) unfortunately, but we can sort it out! I'll take another look tomorrow (I'm in Britain so it's my bedtime too! :) ) and ask around EN too. --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 02:02, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Goodmorning :-) I've just imported .mf-mobile-only because it was missing for sure (used by Template:Banner & Template:Mapbanner)
Take a look to the CSS that I haven't imported yet because I wasn't sure of their functionality:
1) #toc > tbody > tr > td > ul, #toc > tr > td > ul { padding-left: 2em; }
2) The 8 classes below: /* test CSS for new external link styles */ ...I don't think their are relevant to this matter but they were in the middle of the others

A note on Template:Banner. I've seen it use the following class "nomobile" but it's not declared in common.css, is it declared somewhere else (and it's necessary) or it's redundat?

I've noticed also that this image: Bluemarble banner.jpg it's not in commons so I can't load it. I'm not so familiar with IP (Intellectual Properties) issue, so my questions are:
1) Why don't you haven't inserted it in commons?
2) If the answer to point 1 is reasonable, can I import it here in it:voy without incurring in any issue? ...I think so because I'm expecting that all the wikis respect the same rules, but in doubt I'll ask ;-)

PS Nice&funny the idea of changing the image according to the local timing, I like it & I haven't noticed before :-) --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 09:15, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Good morning! :) The .mf-mobile-only class is important as it defines what (and what isn't) shown when people view the page on mobile devices.
I don't think you'll need either of those two CSS entries you've mentioned: I think they're for other things.
I'm not honestly sure about the 'nomobile' class, but I'll try and find out for you. :)
The Blue Marble image can be found here, but we use it locally to prevent any vandalism or unwanted editing! The file itself is public domain, so please feel free to import it over here. The image changing with the time is fun, but it sometimes goes a little bit wrong - you may end up with night in the day!
Hope this helps! I'll have a go at making a mock-up now. :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 13:08, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Oooh - one more thing! You're also going to need to copy this into your Common.js file:
* rwdImageMaps jQuery plugin v1.4
* Allows image maps to be used in a responsive design by recalculating the area coordinates to match the actual image size on load and window.resize
* Copyright (c) 2012 Matt Stow
* https://github.com/stowball/jQuery-rwdImageMaps
* http://mattstow.com
* Licensed under the MIT license
;(function(a){a.fn.rwdImageMaps=function(){var d=this,c=parseFloat(a.fn.jquery);var b=function(){d.each(function(){if(typeof(a(this).attr("usemap"))=="undefined"){return}var f=this,e=a(f);a("<img />").load(function(){var o,k,i="width",n="height";if(c<1.6){o=f.getAttribute(i),k=f.getAttribute(n)}else{o=e.attr(i),k=e.attr(n)}if(!o||!k){var p=new Image();p.src=e.attr("src");if(!o){o=p.width}if(!k){k=p.height}}var g=e.width()/100,l=e.height()/100,j=e.attr("usemap").replace("#",""),m="coords";a('map[name="'+j+'"]').find("area").each(function(){var s=a(this);if(!s.data(m)){s.data(m,s.attr(m))}var r=s.data(m).split(","),q=new Array(r.length);for(var h=0;h<q.length;++h){if(h%2===0){q[h]=parseInt(((r[h]/o)*100)*g)}else{q[h]=parseInt(((r[h]/k)*100)*l)}}s.attr(m,q.toString())})}).attr("src",e.attr("src"))})};a(window).resize(b).trigger("resize");return this}})(jQuery);

$(document).ready(function(e) {

$(window).resize(function(e) {
It resizes the map automatically, so the links still work! :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 13:13, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Curious approach for the image, considering that one of them is in commons and the other not... I would have followed the same path for both. Are you sure about the vandalism reason for the Bluemarble banner.jpg image only? Don't get me wrong, I'm trying to understand the better way to manage it (not only the quicker ;-)).
I'm not sure to have understood the purpose of the resize. I think it's not only for the image because it would be enough a 100% (or similar). It takes care of other stuff too? --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 13:51, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
The image should definitely be fine as it's public domain. It's probably an error on EN! :) The resizing allows the image as well as the imagemap (which allows clickable pictures) to be resized automatically, which is crucial for this to work at different resolutions.
What do you think of this? :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 14:10, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Could you verify within en:voy if they can shift the image from voy to commons? It would avoid to have a duplicate image here as well.
About the resizing: are you talking of the clickable area on (for example) the map in the homepage?
Your starting point it's definitely good. :-) Now, in different sandboxes try to make other versions as explained above (mixing it:voy content or "old fr:voy" content ...now in el:voy or other version according to your creativity) --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 14:23, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
There isn't actually much on the old FR page apart from the map and links to other wikis, but I've copied across their destination box, though it's still in French at the moment!
Both blue marble banners are actually on Commons already: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flat_earth_night_banner2.jpg and http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:20130122214736!Bluemarble_banner.jpg
:) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 14:50, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Excellent, just a naming issue (20130122214736!Bluemarble_banner.jpg vs. Bluemarble_banner.jpg).
I like your test. Just make two different pages, so that once finished the second test we can propose in the loounge for community evaluation.
Makes another pages (the third), integrating "boxes" coming from it:voy.
Last thing (by now :-)): About the resizing: are you talking of the clickable area on (for example) the map in the homepage or about something else? --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 15:00, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Yes - the clickable area on the Earth image won't work without that JavaScript. Also, it formats the text better.
Which boxes from the current page would you like me to integrate? :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 15:14, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I've just implemented the script in common.js. Regarding the boxes... let's start on migrating evrything, that we'll discuss on what to keep/change/delete. So, I would say: Statistiche, Portale dei viaggi, Discussioni e contatti, Frasari (it's inside "Altre informazioni turistiche"), Turismo a tema (it's inside "Altre informazioni turistiche"), "Il progetto Wikivoyage", "Introduzione a Wikivoyage" and "Se ti va, aiutaci". I would put all this boxes between the banner and the project.
Regarding the style of those boxes, I would suggest yo to use the layout of de:voy and/or es:voy (two version would be great). Clearly if you have other ideas, feel free to implement them. --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 15:48, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I can have a go! The only issue is that most of the content that you've highlighted appears to be stored in templates that I can't find. If you could point them out to me I'd be grateful. Here's where I am so far: Utente:Nicholasjf21/Pagina principale 3. Getting the boxes to sit side-by-side would require some more CSS from you. :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 18:08, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]

it:voy content[modifica]

Currently the contents are not perfectly divided, so I've just put the "nowiki" version inside the boxes to speed it up. Feel free to adjust the code to properly insert it in the homepage (changing whatever you want).

<div style="padding-bottom:10px; margin-bottom:15px; -moz-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #339966; -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #339966; box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #339966; font-family:Georgia, serif;">[[File:Wikivoyage-logo.svg|center|x70px|Logo di Wikivoyage]] '''[[Speciale:Statistiche|Statistiche]]'''</div> <div style="color:#555;"> <div style="font-family:Georgia, serif; padding-bottom:10px; margin-bottom:10px; -moz-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #339966; -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #339966; box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #339966;"> '''» 18 marzo 2013:''' <br /> Wikivoyage italiana supera i 2.500 articoli! <br /> '''» 27 maggio 2010:''' <br /> [[:de:Hauptseite|Wikivoyage tedesca]] raggiunge i 10.000 articoli. <br /> '''» 10 dicembre 2008:''' <br /> Wikivoyage italiana festeggia il primo compleanno con 1.400 articoli. <br /> '''» 10 dicembre 2007:''' <br /> Primo compleanno della versione [[:de:Hauptseite|tedesca]] e inaugurazione della versione italiana </div></div>
Portale dei viaggi
{| style="background:none; width:100%; border:0; padding:0; margin:0; font-family:Georgia, serif;" | style="padding:5px 0; -moz-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #ccc; -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #A7Dox-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #ccc;" | '''Portale dei viaggi''' <br /> [[Portale:Europa|Europa]] <br /> [[Portale:America del Nord e Centrale|America del Nord, Centrale & Caraibi]] <br /> [[Portale:America del Sud|America del Sud]] <br /> [[Portale:Asia|Asia]] <br /> [[Portale:Africa|Africa]] <br /> [[Portale:Australia e Oceania|Australia e Oceania]] |}
Discussioni e contatti
{| style="background:none; width:100%; border:0; padding:0; margin:0; font-family:Georgia, serif;" | style="padding:5px 0; -moz-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #ccc; -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #A7Dox-shadow: 0px 5px 5px -6px #ccc;" | '''Discussioni e contatti''' <br /> * '''[[Wikivoyage:Lounge|Lounge]]''' - Il luogo d'incontro dei [[Wikivoyage:Wikivoyager|Wikivoyageurs]]. * '''[[Wikivoyage:Lista dei Wikivoyageurs per locazione|Wikivoyageur]]''' - Qui puoi trovare l'elenco dei Wikivoyageurs divisi per provenienza. * '''[[Wikivoyage:Storia di Wikivoyage|La nostra storia]]''' - Nascita ed evoluzione di Wikivoyage. |}
<h3>[[Tematica:Lista dei frasari|<span class="Pagina-principale-link-sezione">Frasari</span>]]</h3> <span class="Pagina-principale">[[Croato|Croato]], [[Greco]], [[Inglese]], [[Polacco]], [[Russo]], [[Serbo]], [[Sloveno]], [[Spagnolo]], [[Svedese]], [[Tedesco]], [[Tematica:Lista dei frasari|altri...]]</span>
Turismo a tema
<h3>[[Tematica:Tematiche turistiche|<span class="Pagina-principale-link-sezione">Turismo a tema</span>]]</h3> <span class="Pagina-principale">[[Tematica:Fuso orario|Fuso orario]], [[Tematica:Limitazioni bagaglio a mano|Aereo: Limitazioni per il bagaglio a mano]], [[Tematica:Standard elettrici|Standard elettrici]], [[Tematica:Lista dei prefissi telefonici per nazione|Lista dei prefissi telefonici per nazione]], [[Tematica:Aeroporti italiani|Aeroporti italiani]], [[Tematica:Naturismo|Naturismo]], [[Tematica:Patrimoni dell'Umanità|Patrimoni dell'Umanità UNESCO]], [[Tematica:Feste della Birra|Feste della Birra]], [[Tematica:Eventi musicali|Eventi musicali]], [[Tematica:Tematiche turistiche|altre...]]</span>
Il progetto Wikivoyage
<div style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em; color:#555;"> {| width="100%" style="text-align:left;" |- style="vertical-align:top;" | [[Wikivoyage:Chi siamo|Chi siamo noi]] | [[Wikivoyage:Cosa vogliamo e cosa no|Cosa vogliamo e cosa no]] | [[Wikivoyage:Politiche e linee guida|Politiche e linee guida]] |- style="vertical-align:top;" | [[Wikivoyage:Scrittura articolo|Scrittura articolo]] | [[Aiuto:Aiuto|Indice dei namespace]] | [[Wikivoyage:Area stampa|Area stampa]] |- style="vertical-align:top;" | [[Wikivoyage:Copyleft|Copyleft]] | [[:Wikivoyage:Chi siamo|Cos'è il ''Wikivoyage e.V.''?]] | [[Wikivoyage:Benvenuti, nuovi utenti|Benvenuti nuovi utenti]] |- style="vertical-align:top;" | [[Aiuto:FAQ|FAQ]] | [[Wikivoyage:Lounge|Lounge]] | [[Aiuto:Come registrarsi|Creare un nuovo utente]] |} </div>
Introduzione a Wikivoyage
<div id="mf-banner"> <span class="Pagina-principale-titolo-sezione" style="font-size:16px;">'''Introduzione a Wikivoyage'''</span> '''[[Wikivoyage:Chi siamo|<span class="Pagina-principale">Wikivoyage</span>]]''' è un progetto il cui scopo è la creazione di una '''guida turistica mondiale''' aggiornabile, affidabile e dal contenuto [[Wikivoyage:Copyleft|<span class="Pagina-principale">libero</span>]]. Wikivoyage è nato in versione [[:de:Hauptseite|<span class="Pagina-principale">tedesca</span>]] il 10 dicembre 2006 ed esattamente un anno più tardi seguiva la versione italiana. Il sito contiene al momento [[Speciale:Statistiche|<span class="Pagina-principale">'''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}'''</span>]] articoli. È ancora un progetto giovane, lontano dall'essere completo per cui chiunque desideri contribuire con testi, immagini e correzioni, non potrà essere che il benvenuto. La guida è rivolta sia ai lettori, sia ai redattori degli articoli. Altre informazioni per i [[Wikivoyage:Benvenuti, nuovi utenti|<span class="Pagina-principale">nuovi utenti</span>]] sono reperibili nelle nostre '''[[Aiuto:Pagine di aiuto|<span class="Pagina-principale">pagine di aiuto</span>]]''' e [[Wikivoyage:Politiche e linee guida|<span class="Pagina-principale">'''linee guida'''</span>]] che spiegano come iniziare a collaborare al progetto.</div>
Se ti va, aiutaci
{| align="center" width="100%" |- | [[File:Usuário Estilizado.png|16px|link=]] '''[[Aiuto:Consigli per i nuovi arrivati]]''' se siete appena arrivati. || '''[[Wikivoyage:Come puoi aiutare Wikivoyage]]''' descrive le attività che puoi fare |- || [[File:Edit-clear mirrored.svg|16px|link=]] '''[[Wikivoyage:Pulizia]]''' per fare ordine in Wikivoyage... abbiamo appena traslocato! |}

Regarding "Pagina_principale_3", I would suggest you, once inserted the code in the boxes, to position the various boxes in a different way i.e. not just one below the other. See de/es:voy for example. --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 18:53, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]

I've copied all the content across now, so the boxes have been filled. The issue is, in order to reposition the boxes, we need some more code for Common.CSS. I'm not really familiar with this particular template (we don't have it on EN), so it might be worth asking either on here or over on DE. If there's anything else I can help with though, I'd be more than happy to! :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 22:39, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
What kind of CSS do you think you need? From my point of view there's only the need of playing with the wiki-table. --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 22:51, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I've put them in a table, but they're still a little bit wonky. The Germans use CSS classes (or so it seems) to keep their page the right shape. I'll keep having a go, but we might need a little outside help with this aspect. :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 23:42, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I've helped you a little bit with the tables. It's not still perfect but looks better :-) --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 23:50, 6 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Thanks! That does look better! Of the three, which one do you prefer at present? --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 00:27, 7 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Personally I like #3 but it needs more color like #1. #2 it's too essential. Anyway, I'll post this question with my comments in the lounge to get other feedback. --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 00:38, 7 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
That's great! I'll have another play with it tomorrow after work. :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 01:08, 7 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Super! Maybe, don't touch these three versions. Work on the #4, and we'll add it on the "table of the lounge". --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 01:19, 7 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Sounds good to me! :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 01:23, 7 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]

Next steps[modifica]

According to the discussion in the lounge, it seems that the preferred homepage is the third one (it:voy mixed with en:voy), so I'll try to make some alternative version starting from that one.

In parallel I would ask you a general question about the banners (at least the ones in the homepage). Do you know with the dimension has been set as fixed (i.e. px) instead of variable (i.e. %)?

This choice produce a bad layout on higher resolution. Look at this wikilink or this "temporary" link.

Let me know, --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 13:38, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]

Hi! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date! It was originally expressed as a variable, but we fixed it at a maximum so that the top banner alone didn't fill the user's entire screen (the banners have to grow proportionally in height as well as width). If you wanted to change that you could probably alter it in the template itself. I'll have a play too if that's ok and we'll see what results! :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 15:52, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
PS It should all now appear centralised - is that preferable? --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 15:54, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I understand what you are saying. However make a go with Utente:Nicholasjf21/Pagina principale 2. Currently don't touch #3, because as you may see in the lounge I'm using it to allow the community of comparing #3 with some similar alternatives. Once they have decided the preferred layout, we can restart changing it.
PS I've seen the change you made on the brackets of #3 there was some mistake? --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 16:54, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
The brackets wouldn't work to centralise the entire page as, because the bottom boxes are constructed from tables, if we put it in another table it can get confused. However, the top banners should now be centralised. --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 17:11, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Got it. Instead of centralize it, in the Pagina principale 2, try to enlarge it at 100% of the available space. Just to see the result. --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 17:32, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Done - the top banner on 2 should now expand limitlessly. :) --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 19:57, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
I'll ask Wim to test it (he use an high resolution screen). So the "trick" consist in using a huge "px" instead of the 100%? --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 20:56, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]
Yeah - it needs a px value, but by setting it ridiculously high, you can get round it. --Nicholasjf21 (discussioni) 21:47, 8 giu 2013 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]

Code cleaning[modifica]

Hi Nicholas, I'm cleaning the code in necessary it:voy pages, while I'm deleting the others. Now, since the two old homepage tests are not needed anymore I'm going to delete them, but if for some reason are still necessary to you, just let me know. --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 19:07, 16 lug 2017 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]