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Ciao Alan ffm!

Benvenuto su Wikivoyage in lingua italiana! Stiamo realizzando un'attendibile guida turistica mondiale libera e aggiornabile. Aiutaci anche tu! Se hai appena conosciuto Wikivoyage e non sai come funziona e in che modo puoi aiutarci, poni le tue domande nella Lounge, il punto d'incontro dei wikiviaggiatori, oppure consulta le nostre pagine di aiuto.

Potrai trovare risposte ai tuoi dubbi anche nelle pagine delle domande frequenti e dei consigli per i nuovi arrivati.

Ricordati soprattutto che è vietato copiare testi protetti da copyright. Il nostro obiettivo non è proporre contenuti copiati da altri siti, ma scrivere una nuova guida turistica di nostro pugno.

--Andyrom75 (discussioni) 14:36, 1 feb 2013 (CET)[rispondi]


Thanks for your contribution on Voivodato di Łódź‎. We have recently developped some drafts of the Polish pages. It would be very appreciated if you could take a look at them, to correct/enrich their contents. Thanks --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 16:20, 3 mar 2013 (CET)[rispondi]

OK, I try sometimes, by editions in polish related articles in other languages :) --Alan ffm (discussioni) 23:00, 3 mar 2013 (CET)[rispondi]


Alan, thanks a lot for your appreciation. There are several things that needs to be set up in it:voy and in the whole wikivoyage. Slowly I'm taking care of it:voy giving some help/advice on the other language versions. So I'm honored that my effort for the Polish articles has been recognized by a Polish representative! :-)

There is a couple of issues on the current map-division:

  1. Historical: Polish territories has changed so many times, an the last assestment ahs been done recently (1999)
  2. Wikivoyage/Wikitravel heritage: most of the maps has been done years ago and not all of them has been done accoordingly to "good criterias"

Regarding point two I've had a though discussion in en:voy to change the asset of Ireland regions because the current ones has no sense. Currently I'm stuck for luck of participation. I've felt a lot of resistance of changing an already existing article. So before starting another discussion for Poland, in my opinion it would be better to conclude the one for Ireland, because before the map, is important to change the mindset of people. I take the chance to invite you to express your opinion on the en:Talk:Ireland :-)

However, coming back to Poland, feel free to add information like photo, airport, station, street, hotel, etc... in general information that do not need Italian skills, but that can be an added value for the site :-) --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 16:49, 26 giu 2013 (CEST)[rispondi]

Masovia & Łódź[modifica]

Hi Alan, why have you deleted Łódź from Masovia? It was there by mistake?

--Andyrom75 (discussioni) 08:03, 23 lug 2013 (CEST)[rispondi]

I've seen better the map you added. Well... as per your map, that I'm sure it show the right area called properly Masovia, Łódź it's out of it. But following the map created by en:voy, the area called Masovia is larger and it include Łódź, so base on that it should be restored.
Maybe we can discuss on understanding how to improve the main map, but expect long long time & discussion with en:voy without certenty to get anything :-) I've got months ago a similar discussion for Ireland that is totally wrong, but it still there :-( --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 08:08, 23 lug 2013 (CEST)[rispondi]


Your contribution is always very appreciated :-) Feel free to check also all the other Polish region/cities. Thanks, --Andyrom75 (discussioni) 15:36, 10 gen 2014 (CET)[rispondi]