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Do not simply copy CC-by-SA 1.0 works[modifica]

We want to be sure that CC-by-SA 1.0 licensed content of our Wikis is handled precisely in the way required by conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 1.0 license (CC-by-SA 1.0). There are Wikis where it is usual to “copy and paste” CC-by-SA licensed contents. Such a practice however is a copyright violation. The CC-by-SA 1.0 (and also higher versions) is a free license, but it grants certain rights to the owner of the work. We must respect these rights. Therefore we must ensure that

  • all authors, who were involved in an imported work, are attrubuted.
  • the imported source work is specified.

Simple copying is not enough especially that you would appear in version history as an author instead of the actual authors. Additionally you would perfectly mask the source, from which copied contents originate.

Importing, but correctly[modifica]

The meta-information must come from somewhere. It is your responsibility as of the creator of article. It is not a problem if you copy articles or parts of articles which come from a Wiki, which provides meta-information in the RDF/XML format. That is for example the case for Wikitravel. Everything that you need in such case, is

  • the URL, under which the RDF/XML Meta information is displayed to the source
  • a short comment, how you obtained the source work, e.g. “Section “See” translated.”

Falls du als Quelle Wikitravel benutzt hast, reichen sogar die Sprachversion und der Name des Artikels anstelle der RDF-URL.

Write these data into the list on Wikivoyage:Please attribute page. An administrator will then assure that the necessary information is entered to the data base. Unfortunately this operation requires an administrator, because we used a Mediawiki Extension, which is still in the test phase and therefore available for administrators only. If the extension proves stable, the attribution process will be available directly to the authors in the future.

And what if no RDF meta-information is present?[modifica]

There is no problem if a picture which has only one or few authors is concerned. Further details: Help: How to upload a file#Description and source. Otherwise, at the moment there is only one possibility, which is rather discouraging though: write the RDF/XML information by hand.

Additional attribution later on (admins only)[modifica]

After all the authors, who created imported works were mentioned and listed on Wikivoyage:Please attribute page, further work must be carried out by admin. This description is addressed to admins (or Attibutors) only.

  1. Please think before clicking - no undo is possible!!!
  2. Display the version history of the article with imported content.
  3. Determine the version of the article when the new content appeared for the first time and access the difference to the previous version.
  4. In the header on the right you will find a link “attribute”. Click it.
  5. For most cases it is sufficient to enter in the lower input line the title of the source article and mark the switch beside it.
  6. The XML/RDF description will be recorded and displayed in the upper input window. Please check if it looks correct!
  7. If yes, enter comment and click “attribute”.

It can happen that the new attribution is not immediately displayed in the footer of the article. That can be caused by the cache of the browser or by the article cache of the Mediawiki software. At the latest after 24 hours the article Cache should be updated, so that the problem is solved automatically. If you want the changes to be displayed immediately, please proceed as follows:

  1. Re-enter the page, so as to ignore browser cache (often possible through SHIFT + click on “load” or “go” button, alternatively manually reload the page (F5 or SHIFT+R.)
  2. If that does not help, load the version history - in the address line replace “action=hist” with “action=purge” and press <Enter> key
  3. If the footer line has not been updated now, something must have gone wrong.

And another problematic case. What can be done to attribute the very first version of a later modified article? Then there is no link to the differences to the previous version. Manual work:

  1. Determine the value of the parameter “oldid” from the destination URL to the only existing version. It should be a large number.
  2. Enter the attribute page as usual and in the address line of the browser replace the value of the parameter revid by the previously determined value of oldid parameter.
  3. Now it should go further as usual.

Please check the link at the very top on the page whether you are attributing the correct article.

Import the version history (admins only)[modifica]

Contrary to the GFDL, the CC-by-SA license does not require the complete version history of an article to be replicated. Therefore a simple copy of the current version is normally sufficient.

Nevertheless sometimes it may be interesting to see how an article was developed over the time. Administrators have possibility of importing XML exports in the Mediawiki format. Version history can also be imported in this way, depending on the kind of the export. Here however the authors of the other Wiki should be visibly mentioned. For this purpose, the XML file must be modified with a UTF8-text editor before the import so as to include all user names (XML tag <username>) within (WT/de).

Mi sembra di aver capito, ma...

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Se pensi che sia proprio troppo difficile o che non riesci ad afferrare qualche concetto o che non capisci il perché di tale procedura, ci metti cinque secondi a chiederlo e avere risposta; se pensi poi di avere una proposta, piccola o grande che sia, siamo tutti pronti ad ascoltarti.

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